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Are these key issues for you?

Dealing with organizational change?
Change Management Training
Change Management Facilitation

Is your team performing at a high level?
Team Development Training
Team Development Facilitation

Want to improve your work processes?
Process Improvement Training
Process Improvement Facilitation

Don’t know how to prepare leaders for the future?
Leadership Training

Need a roadmap for your business, 
community, organization or team?
Strategic Planning Training
Strategic Planning Facilitation

Decided to implement a mentoring
program, but don’t know how?
Mentoring Training

Want to know how to involve citizens in
improving their community?
Citizen Visioning Facilitation

Need to assess how well you are doing?
Assessment Facilitation

Training Services — develop, present and evaluate curriculum on specific topics
Facilitation Services — assist groups to solve problems by guiding them through a discussion and planning process.

Elizabeth Weinstein & Associates, Inc. will provide answers to these questions by:

  • Using various assessment tools to identify your community, company, organization or team development needs, including 360-degree feedback, organization climate surveys, team assessments, customer service surveys and focus groups

  • Designing an intervention plan based on analysis from the conducted assessments

  • Implementing strategies developed in the intervention plan

  • Evaluating the implemented strategies while seeking ways to continually improve performance
  • Elizabeth Weinstein
    Elizabeth Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Tips for Leaders

    Gaining constituent input is crucial for any major undertaking in your organization, community or team. Cities Establish Programs for Citizens to Participate and Influence Change, describes an effective process for gaining constituent investment. See page 10.
    This article, published in CityScape by the Iowa League of Cities, documents the successful results of citizen visioning that was facilitated by Elizabeth Weinstein and Associates, Inc..

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